PrePurchase Agreement

You must print this form, review it, SIGN it, and return it with your order.

  • I have read the requirements and recommendations.
  • I have reviewed the PrintPoint demo thoroughly.
  • I understand there is a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • I understand there are no refunds on installation services, consultation, custom programming or hardware purchases.
  • Sending email pdfs on Windows (such as quotes and invoices) requires the purchase of third party PDF creation software. PrintPoint recommends Win2PDF. 

Annual Maintenance / Technical Support

  • I have good computer skills and require technical support for "PrintPoint" features only.
  • If I require additional technical support for basic computer questions and understanding of my computer and network for use with PrintPoint, I will provide a support person to work with PrintPoint technical support staff.
  • Technical support is available Monday - Friday from 9:30am to 5:00pm EST via the following methods: Telephone and E-mail.
  • I understand that emergency technical support is available via 800 Telephone Service. Emergency support should only be used for PrintPoint system failures, not for questions, installation support or tutorials.
  • I understand that certain program features/functions are available only for certain territories. Example: exporting to accounting packages may be limited to the United States, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand. I have discussed this functionality with my PrintPoint Representative.

The following is included in my PrintPoint Subscription Maintenance/Tech Support Fee

  • One major upgrade provided via electronic distribution. These upgrades are released once a year or once every other year dependent on Apple and Microsoft OS changes, normal development cycles and the number of new or enhanced features.
  • Bug fixes and any additional updates are announced via email and provided for download from our website or ftp site.
  • All appications and updates are shipped electronically.
  • I understand that I will pay a minimum of $200 per month subscription maintenance/tech support fee, increasing by the number of user and modules I purchased. I understand that if I do not pay my maintenance fee at any time, my PrintPoint installations will be shut down until the time all invoices are paid.

Training / Installation / Scripting Services

  • Initial training at no charge ranges between 10-20 hours based on the number of modules purchases via GotoMeeting (or other similar screen sharing tool) and does include modifications to existing customizable reports.
  • On Site-Training $200.00 per hour for partial day or $1200 per 8 hour day (plus transportation time & expenses).
  • Remote Internet Training (GotoMeeting,, VNC) at $100 per hour.
  • There will be a $150.00 hourly charge to support new customized scripting. Scripting (simple user-based custom programming) is used in the following areas: SuperReports, Quick Reports, Labels, Quote Letters, Job Tickets, Author's Alterations Letter, and Confirmation Letters.

These conditions may be subject to change. Last Modified March1 13, 2017.