Modifying Job Descriptions

By Jesse Wiegand 03/15/07

The purpose of this tutorial is to describe use and setup of the Jobs, Quotes, Invoice and Shipping descriptions.

1.    Click File > Preferences > Job Description.
The Job Description page of Preferences is displayed.

Note: you will be brought to the Offset > General Description when the Job Description page is displayed.

2.    The radio buttons at the top of the page are used to select the PrintPoint estimating module.

3.    The tabs are used to select which description you want to modify.

4.    Click on the Sample Description button to see a sample of the current selection description.

Notice the description is based on the settings selected in the Custom Labels and Separator columns.

5.    Let's breakdown what's happening:

a.    We have typed in Job Name:  for the Job Label and an A for the Separator.

b.    By looking at the List of Separators and the Sample Description we know that means the text Job Name:  gets inserted and is followed by a Carriage Return.

6.    Now, let's change the Custom Label from Job Name: to Job and the separator to H. Then click on the Sample Description button.

You should see the following for a Sample Description:

Notice the word Job is followed by the description without any punctuation and the Item begins at the end of the (:) instead of on a new line.

7.    Change the Job Label and Separator back to Job Name:  and A respectively.

8.    Click the Use X/X and Show Color checkboxes.

9.    Change the Inks Side A label to Ink: and delete the Inks Side B label.
Now look at the Sample Description.

Instead of having a list of individual inks for each side we now have just the number of inks for each side and the paper color is added to the description.

This description is definitely valuable when more detail is required. However in some instances an abbreviated description might be desired. Let's look at the Shipping to get a feel for a less detailed description.

10. Still in Preferences > Job Description click on the Shipping Tab and the Sample Description button.

Notice with the (-) in the label field the fields are omitted from the description.

11. Repeat these steps as needed to customize each of the modules and descriptions as required.