Customizing Memory Settings (Windows Server)

Customizing Memory Settings (Windows Server)
Using 4D Customizer Plus to adjust memory settings for your PrintPoint 5.x Server application running on a Windows computer.


1 Quit PrintPoint. You cannot customize any components of PrintPoint while it is running. It's like trying to change the oil in your car while you are driving on the highway. :-)
2 Contact PrintPoint Technical Support before attempting to use Customizer Plus.
You can find the support numbers for your territory here.


Running Customizer Plus
1 From your desktop right click on the PrintPoint 5.x Server shortcut icon and select Properties.

The Properties dialog is displayed.
2 From the Shortcut tab click Find Target.

The PrintPoint_5x_Server_Folder is displayed.

3 Open The Additional Tools folder.
4 Open The 4D Customizer 2003.6 Folder folder.
5 Double-click The 4D Customizer Plus.exe icon.
4D Customizer Plus is opened with a blank screen and a menubar at the top.

Editing Preferences
1 Select File Menu > Open. The Open File dialog is displayed .
2 Navigate to The PrintPoint_5x Server_Folder and Select PrintPoint_5_xxx_Server.EXE

Note that the actual name of the EXE file varies depending on whether you have a Windows only license or a Cross Platform license.
3 Click The Open button.
4 The Chooser dialog is displayed.
5 Double-click the Preferences button.
6 In the Main Memory Application section make the appropriate changes to the Number of blocks and the Size of one block. We currently recommend 10 blocks of 64000Kb
  CAUTION Do NOT make any other changes in the Preferences dialog.
7 When finished click the “ X” in the upper right hand corner of the dialog to close the window.
8 At the Chooser dialog click the “X” to close the window.
9 Click the Save button.
Editing Properties
1 Select File Menu > Open. The Open File dialog is displayed.
2 Navigate to the PrintPoint_5x_Folder > PrintPoint_App_Folder and select PrintPoint_5xxx_cs.4DC or PrintPoint_5xxx_csx.4dc file.
3 Click the Open button.

The Chooser dialog is displayed.
4 Double-click the Properties button.
5 Make the appropriate changes to the Maximum cache [Macintosh & Windows]. We currently recommend the settings shown. Be sure to call Tech Support before making any other changes here.

  CAUTION Do NOT make any other changes in the Properties dialog.
6 When finished select File Menu > Quit.
7 Click Save to save changes.