Customizing Memory Settings (Windows Client)

Customizing Memory Settings (Windows Client)
Using 4D Customizer Plus to adjust memory settings for your PrintPoint 5.x Client application running on a Windows computer.


1 Quit PrintPoint. You cannot customize any components of PrintPoint while it is running. It's like trying to change the oil in your car while you are driving on the highway. :-)
2 Contact PrintPoint Technical Support before attempting to use Customizer Plus.
You can find the support numbers for your territory here.


Running Customizer Plus
1 From your desktop right click on the PrintPoint_5_Client shortcut icon and select Properties.

The Properties dialog is displayed.
2 From the Shortcut tab click Find Target. The PrintPoint_5_Client_Folder is displayed.

3 Open The 4D Customizer 2003.6 Folder folder.
4 Double-click The 4D Customizer Plus.exe icon.

4D Customizer Plus is opened with a blank screen and a menubar at the top.
Editing Properties
1 Select File Menu > Open. The Open File dialog is displayed.
2 Navigate to The PrintPoint_5_Client_Folder and select PrintPoint_5_Client.EXE
3 Click The Open button.
4 The Chooser dialog is displayed.

5 Double-click the Preferences button.
6 In the Main Memory Application section make the appropriate changes to the Number of blocks and the Size of one block. We currently recommend 4 blocks of 64000 Kb. Call Tech Support before applying any other changes.


CAUTION Do NOT make any other changes in the Properties dialog.

7 When finished select File Menu > Quit.
8 Click Save to save the changes.