Compacting Data File (MAC)

By Jesse Wiegand 03/10/2008

  1. Make sure the PrintPoint is NOT running.
  1. Go to your PrintPoint_5_Folder > Additional Tools Folder > 4D Tools 2003.7 Folder.
    Note: If running a MultiUser version, you will go to the PrintPoint_5_Server_Folder > Additional Tools Folder > 4D Tools 2003.7 Folder.
  1. Double Click 4DTools.exe

            4DTools will open and you will see an Open dialog.

  1. In the Open Dialog go to your PrintPoint_5_Folder .
    Single User go to step5.
    MultiUser you will need to open the PrintPoint_App_Folder.

  2. Select the PrintPoint_51xx file from the list.

  1. Click on the Maintain tab then click the Compact button.

  2. The Create a datafile� dialog opens. Save the new datafile in correct location for your system.

4D Tools will now start the compacting process. No user intervention is required until the compacting is complete

  1. Once the compacting is complete, Quit 4D Tools.

  2. Restart PrintPoint holding down the <option> key.

  3. Select the newly compacted datafile when prompted.