Activating a SuperReport

By Jesse Wiegand 03/08/2006


The purpose of this tutorial is to give instructions on Saving and Activating a SuperReport. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be looking at saving and activating a Job Ticket.

Note: This is based on a SuperReport that has already been created.

  1. Open the Job List View by clicking on the Job button on the Navigator.

  2. Highlight a job.
  1. Click on the Print button and choose Report Manager from the dropdown list.

    The Report Manager will be displayed.

  1. Click on the SuperReport Editor button and choose New Report from the dropdown list.

    The SuperReport Editor is displayed.
  1. Click on the File dropdown menu and select Open from Disk.

    A standard open dialog is displayed.
  1. Navigate to the report you wish to open, highlight the report and click on the Open button.

    The Report Manger will now display the report and should look something like this:

  1. Click the Save & Close button.
  1. Click the Done button on the Report Manager.
  1. Click the File > Preferences > Super Reports.

    The SuperReport Preferences are displayed.

  1. Double click in the On/Off column next to Invoice.

    An "X" is displayed in the column to show the item is active.
  1. Click on the Black Dropdown Triangle to display the available SuperReports.
  1. Select the Report from the list.
  1. Click the OK button.

    Congratulations! You have now set the SuperReport as you default job ticket.